Tuesday, November 3, 2009

this blog is a quarter of the way through it's life.

things i am not good at -
  • camel riding. apparently crying is an extreme response (even if your camel driver is a bully) and my limbs are absolutely on fire.
  • motorcycle and cow dodging. a cow bucked me yesterday because i encroached on it's personal space (something that I didn't realise was possible in this country.)
  • dealing with the stingiest, oiliest driver in all of india. sometimes i actually have to sit in the back of the car mouthing curses at him to vent my anger. i do not want to marry your son, i do not want to steal items from the hotel for you.
  • being unwell in india. enough said.

things I am awesome at.

  • being white. our photo's are circling the india mobile network due to people taking our snaps...despite the fact that i look god awful all of the time.
  • crying and playing (query playing) stupid to get out of trouble.
  • getting bargain deals.

all is going well despite my frazzled tone. it's a lot to take in and i'll be glad when the driving tour of Raj is over so we can wave goodbye to Tinku, the driver from hell. having lots of fun, NO FIGHTS between megz and I and I have a fairly good idea of where my passport is at all times. Shaweeet!


  1. dude, sucks about the driver - has he at least been useful in showing you awesome sights and not getting you lost? u sound like ur having a good time despite him!
    It sounds like a hugely overwhelming place, thank god there's 2 of u - kudos on no arguments:)
    Can't believe u went on a camel, did u actually ride the cow or did it just take a disliking to u??
    Keep having a good time - hear from you soon:)

  2. hahaha bucked by a cow?!


    stop being so racist to your driver, geez.