Thursday, March 18, 2010

"I must become a lion-hearted girl."


day 3 of the holiday/now beginning to merge with relocation. mood has improved significantly, but on the downside no more discounts on fantastic pasta because the waitstaff feel sorry for the girl crying into her meal alone.

I found a place to rent, whoop whoop! In West Brunswick, a unit with a new bathroom and kitchen. 5 minutes from tram 55 which will drop me straight to work. Heaven! My roomie to be seems fantastic, she is a publisher (as if that's a real job, that's just a cool made up role solely designed to make me feel inferior. it's working..) and works at readings bookshop.

Things I am digging:

  • Feeling competent. Finding a place to live without Erica's ya, who is the organised/proactive one now?
  • Navigating trams, including button pressing (a huge phobia) and jumping out into traffic. Also, my beautiful daily tram ride through Parkville. Based on weather I may even buy a bike...
  • Having some form of friend-age every night thus far, and Nate getting here tomorrow!
  • not packing a book. Man I just want to make a list of things to simple but currently un-achievable.
Things I am digging less:

  • The Freedom furniture salesman asking me if I needed someone else's approval for my bedroom furniture. Yeah...does that actually work on anyone? seriously?
  • Walking past the construction site of the new Children's Hospital to get to the old Children's Hospital. Construction workers still wearing teeshirts that say 'Vote Howard Out'....awesome.
  • Melbourne. Not completely sold...but imagining myself cold and lonely in this city probably dampens my excitement. What I've seen is beautiful and perfect for my plan of 'everything new' as it is as un-Perth as you can get. we'll see.
I've been very lucky in that I've had the most amazing friends become even possibly more awesome in the past few days. have had trouble responding to all the messages and phone calls picking me up off the floor and insisting that I feed and put myself to bed. (day one only!)

must go now and do ridiculously adult things, like give my landlord (ooh that was fun) all my beautiful money.



  1. yesss! positivity!
    you will NOT be cold and lonely, you will probably end up being your housemate's bestfriend and turning into a lesbian and making out with her or whatever...just saying...

    everything seems to be turning out so well for you! i am really proud of you (CORNY, YUCK) for finding a place and starting to find your feet so soon. BRAVE! also i am still jealous. i shouldn't say that but i am so suffer in your jocks.

    must remember to send you estelle's details when i'm at home next. go to the art gallery and federation square tomorrow! you will fall in love with melb.

  2. 1. I still dont get how to jump out of trams into traffic.

    2. Melbourne was the most miserable year of my life, so if you are sad I understand. However, that would have happened without me being in Melbourne probably, which means you will be TOTALLY AWESOME AND FINE, and also means if there are rare occassions you are not, totally call me and whinge.

    3. I lost the bar/awesome sights guide I made for kit. Recommend hi fi bar during the festival.

    4. Parkville=totally lush.

    5. YOU HAVE A FREAKIN HOUSE MAN!!! Go successful independant kelly. Your housemate will be carrie, you will be charlotte, all you need is a miranda and a sam.

  3. I don't even know where to start with this so I'll just pick one thing - the bed salesman. Amazing, what a CHUMPPPP!! I bet he picks up with it though!

    Sounds like you're doing great, can't wait to come visit you and your new mature/independent life!

    Digging the revival of the blog. Register!